I’ve seen this error fairly consistently when attempting to start VMs on Windows-based host machines. I found a few posts on the web in various places (see below for reference links) on how best to fix this issue.

The gist of the solution is to simply make a registry edit on your host machine to prevent Windows from issuing error messages related to disk availability issues.

Here is an excerpt from a Microsoft site posting which details the change to make and explains what the “fix” does:

Using regedit, set “Value” = 2 for the ErrorMode key which can be found here:


  • The value of 2 instructs the Windows NT operating system to avoid popup messages for any hard error on the system and return the default error condition to the calling process.
  • This registry key is always checked before any hard error is received. Therefore, you do NOT have to restart the system after changing the key value. You can immediately reset the key back to 0 if any unexpected side effects occur. NOTE: No matter what the setting of the registry value, the CSRSS.exe process always logs the message details to the Windows NT Event Log.

For more info see: