Greetings to the world!

I’ve given up trying to keep notes either hard copy or electronic. Nothing seems to fit the bill for ease of use, ease of access and search-ability. So I thought I’d try blogging. Perhaps this will be the answer :)

I can’t promise that what I will write here will be useful, entertaining or even worth the time it takes to type it. Nonetheless, I shall go forward with the faith that it will be what it will be.

I plan to use this primarily for keeping track of technical goodies that I discover or develop as well as categorizing useful (or useless :) ) information and links for future reference. I may fool myself into thinking that someone might actually read this blog and be completely fascinated by my life and thus persuade myself to keep track of what I am currently up via posts to this blog. We shall see how much fee time I have and whether I can be that gullible.

If you have read this intro and still want to read on, well, you are a braver person than I am and my hat’s off to you!

Happy reading adventurer and God Speed!

Best regards,