Schutzhund Wall Project

Greetings and welcome to my pages describing a sort of cool project that I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. This project can best be described as an attempt to design and build a better mouse trap … in the form of a Schutzhund scaling wall.

This project has been consuming most of my “spare” time of late and, based on some of my associates and friends comments, I thought some folks out there might be interested in the end result of this project and perhaps share a chuckle or two with me as I describe my journey to produce that end result. So, what follows on this page and its sub-pages is a brief description of what a Schutzhund Wall is, what the current designs out there typically look like, what I don’t like about those designs, what I would like to change to fix some of those problems and, finally, a description of my attempt to design and build a wall that incorporates those changes.

So feel free to browse through the sub-pages here and please comment if you have a suggestion or if you like some aspect of what you read or see.

I started out documenting this project as a series of blog postings but I don’t think the volume of “stuff” is suitable for that sort of treatment — a decision I came to after I had already posted about 4 or 5 entries on this subject. I’ve moved those posts over to become sub-pages here and I think this will be much more usable over time for people who might want to refer to something contained in these pages.

So, without further ado, I’ll begin with a sort of table of contents which I will complete as I progress through the project. Please click on the links to get to the sub-pages describing the topics below:

- Introduction: “Schutzhund Wall” defined, standards/typical design
- New Design: My changes to the “state of the art”
- Shopping List: Materials list, sources and my costs
— Step 1: Create the main support beams
— Step 2: Create end caps for PVC pipe
— Step 3: Build one side (panel) of the wall
Step 4: Build the other side of the wall
Step 5: Create and fit the cleats
— Step 6: Finish the decking and carpeting (not done yet)
— Step 7: Safety chain, axles and wheels (not done yet)
— Step 8: Test and transport (not done yet)
- Conclusion and final notes (not done yet)

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  • Andres

    Great! Schutzhund Rules!

  • Nina Champine

    Did this project get completed? Would love to see the finished last three steps.

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