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Stop Mac OSX from rearranging your desktops!

Thought I’d share a little tidbit of Mac wiseness. Mac OSX allows you to create multiple desktops which you can switch between with a simple gesture on the touchpad or magic mouse or through assigned keystroke combinations. I optimize my workflow by locating specific application windows on different desktops so that I can switch easily and instantly between them. By default, MacOSX is configured to automagically rearrange your desktops placing those most frequently used at the ‘front’ (leftmost). This ‘helpful’ feature very much reduces my efficiency as I madly swipe between desktops searching for the one that has the app window I want at any given time preventing me from being able to reliably swipe left or right to get to the app that I want.

However, you can fix this by modifying a ‘Mission Control’ preference setting:

From the Apple Menu (upper left corner of your screen), select ‘System Preferences …’ choose the ‘Mission Control’ item in the first row and simply uncheck “Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use”.

Voilà! No more auto-dis-arranging of my desktops!


An interesting development within the Spring Framework, Cloud Computing and Distributed Data Grid sectors

Today, I noticed an announcement of an acquisition within the computer software industry with ties into the Spring Framework, VMWare/Cloud Computing, Distributed Data Grids and even the Smalltalk communities. It appears that SpringSource has decided to purchase GemStone Systems!

GemStone, for those not familiar with this company, is a key player in the Distributed Data Grid space. GemStone also has deep ties to the Smalltalk community and within the Object Oriented Database space. SpringSource is the main driving force behind the infamous java-based Spring framework and is operated as a division of VMWare. This is a very interesting acquisition and leads to the possibility of GemFire (GemStone’s flagship distributed data grid product which competes with Oracle’s Coherence product) becoming better integrated with the Spring stack.

If you are not yet acquainted with Data Grids, at a basic level they are in-memory, real time, managed caches used to increase the performance of intensive processing tasks such as real-time data analysis and computations and parallel transaction processing. Distributed Data Grids take this concept to the next level, distributing the data and processing amongst a number of machines. While support for and adoption of Data Grid computing techniques is on the rise, in my opinion, it has not yet become part of the mainstream developer's toolbox.

I believe that this acquisition will be a very good thing for our industry. With the backing of and associating with SpringSource, GemFire may finally get some quality airtime and finally be recognized as the most powerful, versatile and technically superior solution within its category. It may also accelerate the adoption of Data Grids within the industry which would be a welcome development.

This news is particularly interesting to me as, previous to joining my current employer, I was an architect with GemStone Systems for many years. I am thus well-versed in the underlying principles and technologies used in distributed data grids such as GemFire and Coherence. I am very excited about the potential benefits this acquisition may bring to both SpringSource and Gemstone as well as to java developers in general and I wish all of my good friends at GemStone the best of luck in capitalizing on this fantastic opportunity.

The announcement of this acquisition is currently featured front-and-center on the SpringSource home page. For more details, here is the official announcement, an entry on the SpringSource blog and the official announcement on GemStone's website.

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‘God mode’ on Windows Vista and Windows 7

Click here to download: (3 KB)

Windows "God" mode is an interesting way of pulling together most of the useful Windows tools that you might need into one place. All of these functions are available to you in various panels and menus, but it is nice to have a consolidated array of them.

To enable this, you simply:

  • Create a new folder somewhere on your desktop or hard drive
  • Rename this new folder as "GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}"
  • Open the newly renamed folder by double-clicking on it.

Note you do not have to name it “GodMode” as any name you enter will work as long as it ends with the {} suffix. Alternatively, you can just use the registry entries in the attached zip file which I provide here but credit and thank the folks at for.

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