Thought I’d share a little tidbit of Mac wiseness. Mac OSX allows you to create multiple desktops which you can switch between with a simple gesture on the touchpad or magic mouse or through assigned keystroke combinations. I optimize my workflow by locating specific application windows on different desktops so that I can switch easily and instantly between them. By default, MacOSX is configured to automagically rearrange your desktops placing those most frequently used at the ‘front’ (leftmost). This ‘helpful’ feature very much reduces my efficiency as I madly swipe between desktops searching for the one that has the app window I want at any given time preventing me from being able to reliably swipe left or right to get to the app that I want.

However, you can fix this by modifying a ‘Mission Control’ preference setting:

From the Apple Menu (upper left corner of your screen), select ‘System Preferences …’ choose the ‘Mission Control’ item in the first row and simply uncheck “Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use”.

Voilà! No more auto-dis-arranging of my desktops!